Dance For Good on International Dance Day

On International Dance Day, leading UK venues celebrate the club's contribution to dance culture whilst donating a share of their bar profits to War Child UK.

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29th April is International Dance Day – a date which marks a global celebration of dance, recognised by UNESCO and all UN Member States. 

Historically, this day has mostly honoured dance in a theatrical setting, so this year The Right To Dance is launching an initiative called Dance For Good that pays tribute to the club’s contribution to dance culture worldwide. 

Fundraising from a night on the dance floor

As a mark of how dance music and the dance floor can be a positive force, we’re collaborating with some of the UK’s leading venues to raise money for War Child UK across the weekend of International Dance Day. 

Corsica Studios, The Jazz Cafe, NAM, Patterns, Peckham Audio, Phonox, The Carpet Shop,  Joshua Brooks, The Love Inn, TOLA and Village Underground will all be donating a share of their bar profits from a night on the dance floor, so everyone attending those spots on the 29th April is directly contributing to the collective fundraising effort. 

Sharing stories and memories from the dance floor

Online, throughout the week leading up to 29th April, we’re working with our partners from across the underground - from participating venues, to promoters, DJs and media - to help position club culture as a key part of International Dance Day celebrations. 

The right to community, freedom, identity, self-expression

The central premise of TRTD is to celebrate dance music past and present, and how its values of community, identity, freedom and self-expression are shared by War Child through their psychosocial work in creating safe spaces for children in conflict zones. Through Dance For Good, we’re aiming to create an annual initiative for the underground to rally behind these values, celebrating what dancing represents within club culture, while also raising funds for War Child to help support children and their right to community, freedom, identity, self-expression…and right to dance. 

To provide further context to how these values play out in practice, we asked Hadeel Saad Abdulqadir from War Child UK's Iraq team about how dance and music is involved in War Child's psychosocial work in conflict zones:

"Our early childhood development (ECD) program includes different activities involving dance and music, encouraging children to sing, express movements and dance. Children are especially deprived of this entertainment in conflict areas after liberation from ISIS, and so music and dance activities play an active role in increasing wellbeing, helping them focus and release stress."

We also spoke to Ayad Mohammad Yousif from War Child UK's Yemen team, who elaborated on the direct impact to a child's development:

"Dance and play can encourage easier peer-to-peer integration, confidence building, developing life skills, distress alleviation, and mitigation of negative adopted practices resulting from protracted displacement, poverty and lack of access to learning services."

Support War Child beyond International Dance Day

The Right To Dance celebrates club culture all year round, not just for International Dance Day, through a monthly membership that offers music, content, events and partner rewards. All profits from The Right To Dance are donated to War Child, which means your monthly membership directly supports children in conflict zones.

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