Eyes + Ears: Vladimir Ivkovic’s favourite things to listen, watch and read

Words by Vladimir Ivkovic

Unbound by the traditional confines of electronic music, Vladimir Ivkovic’s innovative ear for off-kilter sounds has earned him a reputation as a celebrated avant-garde DJ showcasing dark and psychedelic slower tempos. Reflecting the streak of awe, adventure and originality inherent in his curation, he shares some cultural picks for our Eyes + Ears series.

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It’s autumn in the northern hemisphere, so here are some of my eternal autumn stations - with youtube links for easier access.

Watch: Come And See

A movie by Elem Klimov from 1985. Masterpiece and today as actual as ever. There are lots of writings and documents about it, and I almost envy everyone who sees it for the first time. Something for the better world and for me the plate to go to every autumn.

Watch: The Story

This is a short film by Homer Groening from 1969, starring his children Maggie, Lisa, and Matt (who would go on to create The Simpsons). Still a tiny reminder to keep wondering.

Read: Open Culture

It’s a classic, but I feel that it’s good to keep reminding that internet could be a good place. Just get lost and become your better self.

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