Worldwide FM Special for Refugee Week 2023

Celebrating the musical impact of displaced people.

Words by TRTD

Worldwide FM invited War Child and TRTD to host a one hour show as part of their As part of their Refugee Week programme.

Hosted by TRTD committee member and WWFM regular, Aly Gilani (a.k.a DJ Gilla), it featured music from first and second generation refugees alongside musicians based in countries War Child operates, where migrant communities are making valuable contributions to local scenes. Aly is also joined by Tiara Ataii from War Child to discuss the wider impact of our work, her mission around poverty alleviation and recent role running the Ukraine response.


Taymour - Zi7 [BLTNM] // Jordan
Faizal Mostrixx and Karun - In My Soul [Extra Soul Perception] // Uganda and Kenya
El Khat - Ya Raiyat [Batov Records] // Yemen
Farhot - Kalun [Kabul Fire] // Afghanistan
Farhot - Nowroz 1402 ft Khan [Kabul Fire] // Afghanistan
Gordon Koang - Australia [Music In Exile] // South Sudan
Le Pesada - Cumbia Y Tambo [Sofrito] // Colombia
Bala - Ausecuma Beats ft Horatio Luna [Music In Exile] // Guinea, Mali, Senegal and Cuba.
Mindy Meng Wang - Mirror Flower [Music In Exile] // China
Nisantashi Primary School - Hills [Nisantashi Records] // Ukraine
Les Mamans Du Congo - Boum [Jarring Effects] // DRC
Mushapata - Camber Mushimbe [Akuphone] // DRC and Burundi
Jospin Pendere-Ye - Lemba Lembo [Antonovoka] // Central African Repubic
V/A [Syrian Casette Archives] // Syria

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