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Dance For Good 2023

29th April is International Dance Day – a date which marks a global celebration of dance, recognised by UNESCO and all UN Member States. 

Historically, this day has mostly honoured dance in a theatrical setting, so The Right To Dance launched an initiative called Dance For Good that pays tribute to the club’s contribution to dance culture worldwide. 

Fundraising from a night on the dance floor

As a mark of how dance music and the dance floor can be a positive force, we collaborated with some of the UK’s leading venues to raise money for War Child UK across the weekend of International Dance Day.


Dance For Good 2023 raised £12k for War Child!

35 venues and promoters signed, and we’re delighted to announce that we more than doubled the Year 1 figure, raising over £12k for War Child.  

We set up Dance For Good in 2022 to show the club as a positive force for global dance culture and the milestone we’ve reached this year is an emphatic testament of that.  

A huge thank you to all venues who offered a percentage of their bar profits, to promoters and dancers who supercharged the guestlist, to Rofi for donating his halcyon t-shirt design and to Everpress for being so supportive of the campaign. 

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