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The Right To Dance - Pickle Factory, London -

The Right to Dance is an award-winning fundraising collective that works in partnership with the underground music community. 

Founded by War Child UK in 2022, The Right to Dance is based on the principle that all children have the right to community, freedom, identity and self-expression. These values are shared by underground music scenes worldwide. 

This connection lies at the heart of The Right to Dance and is what brings together artists, musicians, organisations and club-goers. Together they raise vital funds to support children living through conflict. 

Funds raised help War Child protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children whilst providing safe spaces for them to play, learn and access psychological support. 

With support from The Right To Dance, War Child provide many more children with the fundamental opportunity to just be children, so they can laugh, dance, listen to music and feel safe once again.

Our partners

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